Lopes & Carvalho was founded 25 years ago by Vitorino Carvalho.
The company benefits for being located at Vale do Ave, a region in the north of Portugal known for its textile industrial heritage since the 19th century.

It is a family company built upon 20 years of manufacturing experience and dedication to the textile industry by their CEO prior to its establishment.

Lopes & Carvalho manufactures Men, Women and Children’s clothing and accessories. The company is specialized on jersey and fleece garments, but it also offers woven garments, knitwear, socks and home textiles by maintaining a very close partnership with several local companies.


Lopes & Carvalho exports 100% of its goods, marketing their business mainly within the EU but with an increasing number of new clients outside Europe: UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Canada and Japan.


Lopes & Carvalho is aimed to sustainability and works every day to achieve a higher eco-friendly performance. All the fabrics, trims and embellishments are sourced on a radius of 35 km, being themselves responsible for manufacturing all the garments at their factory, imprinting a very low carbon footprint to the production process.



Lopes & Carvalho are specialized on high quality small quantities or limited editions, and are highly committed in lowering the carbon footprint to all the brands working with. Lopes & Carvalho can supply all the fabrics, trims and embellishments locally, making also available cutting-edge innovative range of fabrics, made out from increasingly sustainable and more ecologic yarns that can be a plus to slow-fashion high-street brands.
Innovation Made in Portugal.

Lopes & Carvalho are specialized on high quality Limited Editions and are open to garment customization on demand, providing a complete follow-up and deliver of items such as:




Rugby shirts


Zip Hoodies

Zip Jackets

Head accessories








Home Textiles




Lopes & Carvalho are very careful choosing business partners. They require them to comply with the REACH regulation for chemicals, giving preference to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Class I certified products and suppliers.
Lopes & Carvalho believes in an industry that, besides profit, also values the environment, the people who they work with, creativity and innovation.


Lopes & Carvalho is certified by the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1 since 2014, providing their products the confidence on the use of non-toxic substances from loom stock to final ready-made garments.

ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001:2015 has been implemented as a mean to certify quality based on sustainability and risk analysis, strengthening the management process.


Lopes & Carvalho is part of a set of textile companies who trade experiences and define strategies that aim for the sustainable development of SME textile companies: The Green Textile Club

BCI – Better Cotton Initiative

BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.

OCS – Organic Content Standard

OCS allows for transparent, consistent and comprehensive independent evaluation and verification of organic material content claims on products.

RCS – Recycled Claim Standard

The RCS verifies the presence and amount of recycled material in a final product.
RCS can be used as a business-to-business tool to give companies the means to ensure that they are selling quality products and getting what they pay for.

Lean & Green – Tackling CO2 emissions

Lean & Green Europe has a proven track record of enabling collaboration in logistics and guiding partners towards a less wasteful and a more sustainable future.


We can assist you through the whole stages of the manufacturing process:

Design Development

Lopes & Carvalho expertise is at your service to advise about fabrics, trims, embellishments and finishes, always considering the best cost effectiveness and suitability for production.

Pattern Design

At Lopes & Carvalho, pattern designers are very experienced using high-tech software so your patterns are acurately cut avoiding unnecessary waste, taking advantage of every centimetre of your fabric.


At this stage, Lopes & Carvalho Design & Development team work very closely with customers, making sure everything is done according to your specifications, but never forgetting to give the best guidance regarding every detail of your garment.

Fitting and Grading

Lopes & Carvalho can provide you with size sets and takes note of the best fit on each garment. Grading the master pattern and projecting measurement sheets is part of the help we can give to you.

Sourcing Local

Lopes & Carvalho fabric suppliers are capable of customizing your chosen fabrics. Our best advise is to use organic and recycled fibers. Go as much eco-friendly as possible. All pantone colours are virtualy possible, either standard dyeing processes or using organic and mineral pigments. The sourcing team can carefully search for the best suitable trims to meet your budget expectations and design: garment printing, all over prints, digital and heat prints, embroideries, badges… all in a close cooperation with local partners.

All over prints Catalogue (NEW)

Lopes & Carvalho has a Catalogue for all over prints designs that brands can choose from to make their collections unique without having to hire a designer. Lopes & Carvalho has the best Print Designer. They got you covered on this too. The brands can choose from having exclusive designs or non-exclusive.

Production and Quality Policy

As specialists on high quality Limited Editions, lead time can go from 5 to 7 weeks after a sample fully approved. Several different garments are possible to be manufactured at the same time making possible to deliver your collection all together so you don´t need to stock your garments elsewhere.
Our quality policy checks every stage of production through quality tests to the fabrics, embellishments and sewing, just to guarantee that the whole process is covered and you get the best quality garments – in time and at the best price.

Labels, Packaging and Shipping

Lopes & Carvalho can provide all kind of branded labels, hangtags, and licensed care labels. Packaging is organized according to your specifications ensuring that every piece of your collection gives the best first impression to your customers. Lopes & Carvalho ships worldwide sorting your orders as you wish to be sent to your final store or retailer destination.

B2C e-commerce Deliveries (NEW)

B2C deliveries are on our bucket list and we are preparing the whole process for you to store at our premises and send orders to your final e-commerce customers. Be the first to use this new service and reduce even more the carbon footprint of your brand, avoiding unnecessary shipments to other warehouses.


Av. de Vila Mende nº67
4770-770 Vermoim
Vila Nova de Famalicão
GPS: 41°24’43.634”N 8°26’22.943”O

+351 252 996 847


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